Episode 7

Published on:

23rd Jun 2020

Know When You're in a Moment with Cie Grant

What’s good, everybody? In this episode, Perci sits down with the 2002 Ohio State Buckeye football National Champion Cie Grant. Cie Grant has many accomplishments in his football career, but now he is focusing on his family legacy. He has 5 children wife his wife, Brandi, and together they have accomplished many things and overcome barriers along the way.

Cie played in the NFL for the New Orleans Saints, but ever since his retirement, he has been all about his children. He currently is a consultant for the Oil and Gas industry. He also coaches and gives inspirational speeches.

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What's good everybody? This is 99MPH with your host, Perci Garner, where we talk about life, sports, and everything in between.

Perci is a former Professional Baseball Player who played college baseball and football at Ball State before being drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in the 2nd Round of the 2010 MLB Draft. Perci's dream came full circle when he took the mound for the Cleveland Indians during the 2016 season when the Tribe fell one game short of a World Series championship.

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